Our story started helping the Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission in assessing and collecting information on performances of all masonry buildings in the Christchurch area. This task soon became a passion. The passion soon transforms in our mission: engineer better lives for New Zealanders... create a more resilient masonry building stock.

Our team is highly experienced on earthquake performance and retrofit of existing masonry buildings with solid and active background on:

  • worldwide post-earthquake site assessment of masonry buildings

  • extensive and comprehensive experimental research of earthquake retrofit solutions for masonry buildings



“We are pretty impressed with these PYTHONs, super easy to install and fast delivery turnaround, no downtime onsite“ — Peter, D Stevens Ltd Building Contractors

"PYTHON introduced us to a simple yet robust solution for retrofitting our URM Building Projects" — Sean, Hanlon & Partners Ltd

"These PYTHONs are great, they went into the walls much faster than we expected" Tom, QDC Works

"Our client is pleasantly surprised at how well it went. Turns out being a cost-effective solution to an otherwise complicated problem" — Michael, MY Consulting Engineers Ltd


"The PYTHON Solutions worked really well for our project, will keep advocating for these innovative products" — Bob, RJ Hall & Associates

"The PYTHON Screws are easy to install, all went smoothly and we are happy with the outcome" — Jordan, Gillies Group

"These Masonry PYTHONs are easy and fast to install, we are satisfied" — Campbell, Aspec Construction 

"Finally some great looking plates in New Zealand for our buildings" — New Zealand Heritage team

"I wouldn’t say it’s quite as simple as go to Bunnings and get a bit of 4×2, but it’s not too much more than that" — Wellington Chief Resilience Officer

"I think the PYTHON MT and PYTHON C screws are a fantastic looking product" — Kayne, Design Engineer


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