Our story started helping the Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission in assessing and collecting information on performances of all masonry buildings in the Christchurch area. This task soon became a passion. The passion soon transforms in our mission: engineer better lives for New Zealanders... create a more resilient masonry building stock.

Our team is highly experienced on earthquake performance and retrofit of existing masonry buildings with solid and active background on:

  • worldwide post-earthquake site assessment of masonry buildings

  • extensive and comprehensive experimental research of earthquake retrofit solutions for masonry buildings



"Finally some great looking plates in New Zealand for our buildings" — New Zealand Heritage team

"I wouldn’t say it’s quite as simple as go to Bunnings and get a bit of 4×2, but it’s not too much more than that" — Wellington Chief Resilience Officer

"I think the PYTHON MT and PYTHON C screws are a fantastic looking product" — Kayne, Design Engineer

"The PYTHON Screws are easy to install, all went smoothly and we are happy with the outcome" — Jordan Gillies, Gillies Group

"These Masonry PYTHONs are easy and fast to install, we are satisfied" — Campbell Boyne, Aspec Construction