Python C Screws

Strong hold to masonry cavity-walls

python Durability explained

PYTHON C SCREWS developed from hundreds of inspections that we undertook on damaged masonry cavity-wall buildings following the 2010/2011 Canterbury sequence. PYTHON C SCREWS are our purposely designed and proof-tested seismically rated masonry screw resulting in full composite behaviour of cavity-wall leafs.


  • Fast installation with no specialised tools or skills needed

  • No unwinding during earthquake cyclic loading

  • High tension capacity

  • Proven tensile strength

  • Exceptional enhancement of shear transfer between wall layers

  • Low moisture bridge

  • Cuts through brick on rotation for strong and durable mechanical bond

  • Special head design for smooth surface finish

  • Non-movable in repeated loading

Technical (BROCHURE)

  • Shank diameter Ø 6 mm with total length 240 mm

  • Full cavity wall cross-section engagement

  • Recommended tie spacing at 600 x 600mm grid

  • Galvanised corrosion resilient coatings

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ApplicationS (Examples)

  • Interconnection of masonry cavity walls

  • Remediation of existing cavity wall ties


  • We can advise on structural details and design

  • We can provide on-site pre- and post-installation quality control proof testing services

"The PYTHON Screws are easy to install, all went smoothly and we are happy with the outcome"Jordan, Gillies Group

"PYTHON introduced us to a simple yet robust solution for retrofitting our URM Building Projects"Sean, Hanlon & Partners Ltd