Python mt Screws

Strong hold on timber to masonry and concrete

PYTHON MT SCREWS come as result of our on-site worldwide experience and high level research on earthquake solutions for masonry buildings. PYTHON MT SCREWS are our purposely designed and proof-tested seismically rated masonry screw for connecting timber members to masonry and concrete.


  • Fast installation with no specialised tools or skills needed

  • Superior and reliable alternative to epoxy anchorages into masonry

  • Eliminates the need for washers

  • High tension and shear capacity

  • Cuts through brick on rotation for strong and durable mechanical bond

  • Can elongate beyond its original length

  • Approx. 25% of glue alternative cost

Technical (brochure)

  • Diameter Ø 8 mm with total length 230 mm

  • Timber thread length 70 mm

  • Masonry/concrete thread length 160 mm

  • Galvanised corrosive resilient coatings

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  • Double thread allows easy attachment of timber members to masonry and concrete

  • Connecting timber floor/roof members to masonry walls in existing buildings

  • Timber strong-back fixing for cost-effective retrofits

  • Wide range of other applications


  • We can advise on structural details and design

  • We can provide on-site pre- and post-installation quality assurance and certification testing

"These PYTHONs are great, they went into the walls much faster than we expected" Tom Mansell, QDC Works

"These Masonry PYTHONs are easy and fast to install, we are satisfied" — Campbell Boyne, Aspec Construction