Python mt Screws

Strong hold on timber to brick and concrete masonry

PYTHON MT SCREWS come as result of our on-site worldwide experience and high level research on earthquake solutions for masonry buildings. PYTHON MT SCREWS are our purposely designed and proof-tested seismically rated masonry screw for connecting timber members to brick and concrete masonry.


  • Fast installation with no specialised tools or skills needed

  • Superior and reliable alternative to epoxy anchorages into masonry

  • Eliminates the need for washers

  • High tension and shear capacity

  • Cuts through brick on rotation for strong and durable mechanical bond

  • Can elongate beyond its original length

  • Approx. 25% of glue alternative cost

Technical (brochure)

  • Diameter Ø 8 mm with total length 230 mm

  • Timber thread length 70 mm

  • Masonry/concrete thread length 160 mm

  • Galvanised corrosive resilient coatings

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Applications (Examples)

  • Double thread allows easy attachment of timber members to masonry and concrete

  • Connecting timber floor/roof members to masonry walls in existing buildings

  • Timber strong-back fixing for cost-effective retrofits

  • Wide range of other applications


  • We can advise on structural details and design

  • We can provide on-site pre- and post-installation quality assurance and certification testing

“We are pretty impressed with these PYTHONs, super easy to install and fast delivery turnaround, no downtime onsite“Peter, D Stevens Ltd Building Contractors

"Our client is pleasantly surprised at how well it went. Turns out being a cost-effective solution to an otherwise complicated problem" — Michael, MY Consulting Engineers Ltd